Princess Diana Real Royal Memorable Moments

Princess Diana Real Royal Memorable Moments (14)Princess Diana Real Royal Memorable Moments

Princess Diana is truly said Still Rules the people’s heart. Anything which relates to beauty, style, fashion trends are universally quoted as Princess Diana’s name from common man to the royals. On the other hand her role as a mother how she brought up Prince William and Prince Harry we find her perfect. Her married life although has controversies but her Nobel jobs like generosity, a big supporter for AIDS campaigns people love her and call her Princess of common people.

Bcoming a royal family member she was some how lucky and unfortunate as well because her every action was closely watched by the entire world. People even followed her styles what she wore but were also super conscious about her diet, her sayings.

But some of our beloved Lady Diana moments had to be the warm moments with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Whether they were ready for flying or skiing in Austria, on the way to school she had always appeared to have a great time.

To celebrate Princess Diana’s 55th birthday on July 1 and to pay her tribute we have a collection of memories of the past saved by the camera. Here we have the images of our legendary Princess really rules our hearts.

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